There are a few decisions that would need to be made when considering life assurance .  

If you died tomorrow, could your family cope financially?

Consider these questions:

1. Who depends on you to provide an income or provide care for them?

2. How much would it cost per year to replace the income or provide the care if you weren’t here?

3. How much cover do you already have?

Life insurance premiums have been falling over the recent years,  if your original life insurance was arranged through a bank or estate agent (usually with your mortgage) then there is a very good chance that you could make some savings.

At emortgages we will search  a range of insurance companies to find the best cover and service at the cheapest prices.

At emortgages we have access to a range of insurance companies, we can be confident no matter what your needs or situation, we will be able to find you the most competitive deal while still ensuring you are covered for any eventuality.